I do a lot of traveling to speak and coach. This phone number only works when I am in the United States, but I do check it as best I can. 01-727-729-9504. Skype is often better, but remember I do most of my coaching there and I might be busy, but I will call back as soon as I can. My skype account is sirjohnnyray with a call in number of (727) 231-4422

But, by far, the way to reach me is by my e-mail

I would love to start a conversation with you. Please send me an e-mail with what coaching needs you have and let us see if we can work together. I have met a lot of people you have concerns about hiring a coach and I fully understand. Many felt various concerns, much like you, and had questions and reservations. But, for those who went forward, I have seen tremendous growth. Let’s start a conversation. E-mail me with what you want to accomplish and what you would consider a great outcome from the coaching. Let me design a specialized program just for you.