As a charisma coach I will work with you to unlock your inner personal charisma so that you will actually become more charming, develop a deeper more rounded personality, one which is more authentic, attractive and appealing to those around you. With a boost in your confidence, your personal self worth, you can expect to easily attract new friends and learn how to rally people around your goals and aspirations for the future. Remember, this is not counseling or therapy, which looks at your past, but an ongoing looking forward approach to achieving positive results in your life.


So, what can a charisma coach do for you?


First off, how about establishing true clarity in your goals

Learning the art of accountability for your actions

Receiving unbiased and unfiltered feedback you can depend on to move forward

Obtaining a chance to focus on just you for a change instead of all of those who depend on you

Help your build the belief in who you are and become truly authentic

Fine tune your attitude so that you remain calm and in control of your world

Allowing your charming, inner self to flow through to others, making them glad to befriend you.

Increasing your ability to become spontaneous and in the moment, or better put, the life of the party

Reinforcing your connections with others, so that a deeper bond is created

Becoming an active listener that wins heart

Learn how to influence others so that your own goals can be achieved

Achieve a harmony that allows you to truly be yourself

Learn to calm your nerves and overcome anxieties when you are in a public setting

Project your voice in confidence by speaking clearly and logically, allowing your personality to shine



As a branding coach, I work with you to firmly establish your brand, your style, your legacy that will open many opportunities for you. A large part of branding is perception and learning how to accurately interrupt the data. It is all about taking chances and exploring new ways of establishing yourself as the expert, the go to guy or gal that leads the pack in your industry.



Achieve your true inner charisma that actually builds a following

Identifying what makes your special

Learn the basics of building your own personal brand

Develop the online channels that help build your brand

Help define who, in fact, is your target market

Learn how the audience actually perceives you

Anticipate and accurately prepare for those golden moments where you are the star

Learn how to detect your weakness and strengths, and what parts you need to concentrate on

How to develop an ongoing action plan to move forward

How to critically look at and assess your social networks

What networks you need to be active in ad which you can safely outsource to others

How to utilize special tools to make your life easier in the social media world

How to develop tools that will give you honest feedback on your brand.



While I specialize in the above forms of coaching, I venture out to many areas, and find people with many interesting needs, which is particularly suitable for my Sounding Board. Obviously, the business/life balance area is practically interesting to me, but here is a larger list of coaching situation you might be interested in. Yes, just remember this only a small list of what is available.

Performance coaching

Skills coaching

Career coaching

Business coaching

Transition coaching

Life/business balancing coaching

Financial coach

Health and wellness coach

Relationship coach

Christian coach

Emotional intelligence coach

Personal development coach

Self-esteem coach

Success coach

Mastermind coach

Marriage coach

Relationship coach

Executive coach

Leadership coach

Marketing coach

Online marketing coach

Start up coach

Marketing coach

Life planning coach

Spiritual coach

Family coach

Retirement coach


So, what can a great coach do for you?

It all depends on what you want to accomplish.


Let’s start a conversation today