As an international businessman conducting business worldwide for years Johnny Ray loves attending various national and international conventions throughout the year where he has made many fantastic friends. He has owned many companies in the real estate, insurance, and stock brokerage business where he always loved training salesmen and managers on how to be more charismatic and better leaders.

In real estate, which he entered in the seventies, he is still an active certified international property specialist, and a certified transaction agent. Since he never plans to settle down, Johnny is also currently working on his master certification in executive coaching.

Johnny is also an award winning author of 24 novels. He writes international romantic thrillers. Writing has always been a great way for Johnny to connect with people.

When it comes to the internet, Johnny loves the way you can connect with so many people. Just on twitter alone he has over 600,000 followers. Additionally, he is on over 50 other sites while adding even more. He is often asked to speak to various groups throughout the year on social media and branding.

Understanding Charisma has always been an intriguing part of Johnny’s life. Charismatic people always make great leaders, and have many great friends. Johnny has interviewed many of the most charismatic people from around the globe to unlock their secrets. Many of these interviews are found on his podcast CHARISMA MAGIC. Assessing and developing future leaders inside a company is of extreme importance to most companies. Those employees wanting to advance learn this early, and work hard at it.

So, what can a coach do for you? A coach will give you clarity, insights into what works and what does not. A coach helps you to figure out on your own what works best for you, while showing you what are your blind spots.

Life is beautiful at times, but can be hard at other moments. Often it takes a special person who can listen and understand what life throws your way. Remember a great coach does not give you the answer, he helps you discover it on your own. Because only then, will you be able to handle other future events that will definitely follow.

To learn more be sure to follow this blog where charisma and branding will be analyzed and discussed. Even better, sign up for the newsletter so that you can follow Johnny as he gives speeches, workshops, and online classes. For those wanting to go one on one with Johnny please contact him directly so that he can customize a coaching package just for you.