Yes,  motivational speakers have to be engaging, creative and entertaining. But, at the conferences, workshops and corporate events, the keynote speaker has to get your point, and achieve your goals while encouraging the audience to have a good time. Speakers should have the ability to make a crowd laugh, yet pay attention to all the information about the event.

While there are many list of things to look for when hiring a speaker, here’s a checklist of few things to look for when hiring a professional motivational and keynote speaker:

  1. They should have ability to adjust their presentations to meet your organization’s goals.

Grabbing the attention of a crowd is only the beginning of what a motivational speaker does. As a team player they must know the purpose behind the event.  Should they layout a new corporate initiative, and be aware of the seriousness of the event?  Or, is a way for the corporation to reward employees for a job well done?  The speaker should be able to design his speech to meet your needs.

  1. Top speakers do their research.

Great speakers definitely have a reputation for researching the corporate culture before they show accept and perform on stage. They want to know how to connect with your employees on their level. He wants to know what modification or needs the company has that they need help with. If you are considering a speaker who does not actively ask questions about your event, think twice. The right speaker should know exactly how to dig in deeply so that your message will make an impact. Speakers who are also business coaches have a major edge in doing this properly

  1. They pay attention to details

The right motivational speaker takes care of details, leaving nothing to chance. They stay in contact, always double checking to make sure your event will be a success. The top motivational speaker knows how to make an impact on the audience that will be both memorable and quotable, insuring that your message will be repeated and spread. The best speaker gives your employees a clear message that they can take away with them and act upon.

4      They should have the charisma needed to make it happen

Charisma is all about making friends, especially the ones at the event who could possibly be friends for life. The major reason many attend any event is to expand their connections. The speaker should be the catalyst to help the  audience connect with each other, just like he does with everyone in the audience. Great speakers do this in minutes. Great speakers, the top speakers, are also very authentic.  

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Isn’t it time to help your members, your attendees learn how to become more charismatic, to make new friends, and thus become true leaders?

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