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From keynote speaker to workshop leader, executive coach Johnny Ray is the expert in the field of charisma and executive branding. If you are looking for the expert to connect and motivate your audience, Johnny Ray is the master.
Isn’t it time to help your members, your attendees learn how to become more charismatic, to make new friends, and thus become true leaders?

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Personal Branding strutting like a peacock

Instead of branding yourself as one of the experts why not brand yourself as THE expert? Instead of reporting the trends, why not set them? Instead of reporting the news, why not become the news?
Remember it is your future, and there can only be one MASTER. Will that be you, or will you follow someone else?
Johnny Ray is a master at personal branding and loves to engage and motivate the attended to consider stepping up their game and becoming the best.

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Developing Charisma and the prince charming curse

It is no secret, people love doing business with people they like, you know, the ones that make them feel good. Those special people who make friends easily, who attract all of the best clients, and enjoy life fully truly have a gift.

Johnny is well know as the top charisma coach in the world, helping many forced into leadership roles with no training or skills, but desperately needing them.

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Traits of the expert, exploring new frontiers

After branding yourself as the best, and establishing your charismatic brilliance, it is now time to back it all up with proof.
Highly successful people have certain traits, certain edges they use to dominate their area of expertise.
While motivating and encouraging everyone to do their best is nothing new, Johnny engages the audience by exploring the required skill sets which are always expanding.

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I would love to hear what your speaker needs are, and then see if we are a perfect match. In addition to the date, location, and budget restraints, the normal stuff, I would really like to hear about what you want me to accomplish for you. I customize all speeches and the more I know about those in the audience the better I can connect with them.


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Robin Savage

Johnny has a way of communicating his knowledge and ideas in a funny and insightful way.

 He is always a pleasure to listen to.

I thoroughly enjoyed the travel adventures of Johnny Ray as he paints pictures of beautiful countries that take you with him on his international dealings with diverse cultures and intriguing businesses.  He weaves tails of dignitaries and politicians in history taking you back in time to another world.
Brian England
3-D Creation Entrepreneur

Johnny Ray has a huge following from around the world
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