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Telling your story can be exciting and very satisfying.
In attempting such a task as creating your memoirs I know you have many questions and I hope this short list answers some of them for you.
Remember I offer a free consultation to discuss your project with you.
What is a memoir?
Why do you want to write one?
What time period do you want to cover?
Where is the setting for the memoir?
What is the message you want to tell your readers?
What is your motivation for writing a memoir?
Who will you include in your memoir?
What does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?
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What does it cost to get started? Nothing – I offer a Free Consultation and I would love to hear from you.

What is a Memoir?

A memoir is a true story you tell about specific events, experience,or times in your life which have significant meaning. Again, a memoir is your story about your life, your experiences, both good and bad and a way for you to share your advice and wisdom with others in the form of a Legacy that can be passed on to not only your children and their children, but to society in general. Many top memoirs are written by ghostwriters such as the famous, “Memoirs of a Geisha.” Several of these have gone on to become top rated movies.It is a way for the life of the author to live forever and not be forgotten. It does require the author to always include personal feelings, thoughts, beliefs, values, and opinions.

Why do you want to write your memoirs?

The reason behind wanting to write a memoir is vast and can vary from wanting to leave a legacy for your children and their children, to record the history of a business you built from the ground up, to passing on special knowledge and wisdom you have accumulated over the years. It can also be a way to honor a loved one or can be created as a way to give closures to part of your life and be able to move on. Many times it is a way to give encouragement to others facing the life situations.

It can be a way of exploring your own trails with life such as a divorce, addiction, abuse or disease, but it can also deal with the good part of your life with the highs of winning at sports, politics or fantastic travel experiences.

By knowing the reason behind your work you can focus and not float endlessly and never finish the memoir. Being focused also gives you the ability to retain your reader and make it interesting to them. A memoir differs from an autobiography in that it is told like a novel with a central focus or theme and not a history book.

Everyone has a book that they are uniquely qualified to tell. Focusing on why the book must be told will push you along and make your story stronger. The question you have to ask your self is why your story needs to be told and why you are the best one to tell it. This is the question a reader will ask when trying to decide if they want to read it.

What time period do you want to cover?

A memoir covers a much shorter period of time than an autobiography and is much more focused on telling a story. As such the work needs to describe a certain time period in the authors life. While the back story can be interesting, it needs to be limited. The same is true of future events.

The author needs to think of life as a character in a book you enjoy. While many fictions written today are figments on the writer’s imagination, they share the same writing purpose which is to tell an interesting story. The time period needs to match the purpose behind why the story needs to be told.

Where is the setting for the memoir?

The setting of the story is important in many respects. The language is different and people have different life style, different values and expectations. To understand the purpose behind the message the reader needs to be immersed in the culture, the setting of the story. The setting can give the reader so many insights into the story, even before the action begins. It creates the atmosphere the mood for the story.

Details are what many readers want and need to be transported to the time and place the story happens. This is what many writers refer to as showing instead of telling a story. It takes some effort to remember a setting, but worth it to engage the reader with the style and mood of the setting. The setting can enhance your story and why it needs to be told.

What is the message you want to tell your readers?

Before you start creating your memoirs, it helps to answer some question early. What is your legacy? What do you want to be known for or as? What is it you want others to know when you are finished? What one central point do you want to make? What heartache do you want to help someone else avoid? Or perhaps what words of encouragement can you offer to someone who might face the same situations you had to live with?

Determining your central message can help you stay focused and drive you to make a better memoir. While it is hard to concentrate a lifetime into a few words, it is an exercise you need to take. Do you really think you have something to say that others need to hear? This is your one chance to pass on the wisdom of a life time. Make it simple but powerful. You want your life to stand for something. And like many you want your legacy remembered correctly. Remember no one can tell your story better than yourself.

What is your motivation for writing a memoir?

The motivation behind wanting to tell your story is varied and cold be form a personal pleasure of unlocking your past, to extending your wishes on the future. It could cover a need to be remembered or a way of closure on a bad experience. The best story tellers n the world have a story so powerful inside that they cannot hold it in any longer. You spent a life time building up memories and it can be the way to pay respect on your own life. It can be a way to set the record straight. It can also be a way to make money if your story becomes a best seller or converted to a movie.

Being honest with yourself goes a long way in how you approach your story. The one person you want to make happy in yourself. No one else can tell your story better than you.

Who will you include in your memoir?

Who to include in your memoir is very important. Not only are you going to be like the naked person on the street corner, exposed to all, but your other characters will be also. While you might not embarrass easily, it is good to think of others, especially in the litigious society we live in. There are times you will want to check with an attorney on the liabilities of using others in your story. One of the great advantages of writing a memoir as a novel is that you can change the names of the characters and protect their privacy. Remember in writing a memoir the readers want you to stay honest with them and not lie or make things up.

What does it cost to hire a ghostwriter?

Like everything in life, the cost varies. In writing a memoir you have to take in consideration the ability and reputation of the ghostwriter you want to hire. He will base his fee on many items including the length of the book, the complexity of the project, including any research he has to do. He will do his best to estimate how much time he has to spend on the project. Many great writers also have a career of writing under their own name as well where their time could generate income for them.

The size of a memoir usually ranges from 50,000 words to 100,000 words. The cost can range from $25,000 which is usually the lowest most writers will get involved with on any project to over $500,000 for a celebrity project. Since I can pick and choice the project I want to work on I usually stay in the lower side of the prices. The project itself is what intrigues me. I accept only a limited number of projects, but your story may be the one I am looking for. The cost is covered in payments with 25% upfront and 50% due when a rough draft is finished. The last 25% is due when the polished story is completed.

I offer a free consultation on your project and what I think of its marketability. However, some people only want limited production and I understand that as well.

I offer an agreement on all terms before we start. I know you will understand I can make no promises your story will sell or how much it will generate. Such is the nature of the publishing business. I will be glad to advice you on agents and editors who might be interested in your story.

Johnny Ray’s Bio

I have a passion, a thirst, for life and adventure that I love to share with his readers. As an avid traveler and professional businessman conducting business worldwide for years I have made many interesting contacts and received numerous awards for top production. I have owned and operated several real estate companies, several insurance companies and a stock brokerage company. My name is well known in the real estate world where I am listed in the who’s who of international real estate professionals. As the previous head of several corporations I'm accustomed to appearing on radio and TV talk shows as well as speaking in front of various audiences. I actively maintains a data base of around twenty thousand people I have conducted business with.

I am a graduate of Auburn University with post graduate work at the Birmingham School of Law, The University of Alabama, The University of Tennessee, UCLA, New York University, Wil-Var Institute and The American College. I have held the following certifications: Certified International Property Specialist, Certified Residential Specialist, Certified Managerial Accountant, Certified Life Underwriter and Chartered Financial Consultant. When it comes time to play, I'm very active in many sports including swimming tennis, biking, and skiing. He loves adventures that are new, interesting and challenging.

I live in St Petersburg, Florida where I work full time as a writer and professional blogger.

I belong to the Florida Writer Association where I recently won the Royal Palm Literary Award for best thriller, the Romantic Writers of America, the Mystery Writers Association, and can be found attending various national writer conventions throughout the year as well as supporting several local writing groups in the St. Petersburg, Florida area.

Free Consultation

What does it cost to get started? Nothing – I offer a Free Consultation and I would love to hear from you. Contact me my e-mail ( set up an interview or call me 727-289-3043. I will give you complete details on what is involved and what I think of your project. I really am looking for a special project to take on right now.

Thank you for wanting to know more about me and I hope to learn much more about you if you are interested in hiring me to write your memoirs. I love meeting people and hearing their stories. I am an award wining novelist and write under many different names as well as ghostwrite for others. I work on a flat rate bases and the story is yours to do with as you please. All royalties from the future sales will go directly to you. I am not a publisher or a literary agent, but will be happy to direct you to those you might like. I can not promise you you will make a fortune but can create a professional manuscript to get you started that you will be proud of. Your own publicity and efforts will be rewarded.

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